Best Baby Shower Gifts Ever – Unique Ideas That Will Set You Apart

Special Baby Shower Gifts is proud to offer unique baby gifts and baby gift ideas from independent baby boutiques.

Baby showers are a good time, but it can be tough to find the right baby shower gift if the mom isn’t registered, or if she’s on her second or third child.Even if there is a registry, those gifts are sometimes taken or people feel slightly let down when purchasing something dull like a bottle cleaner or baby lotion. Special Baby Shower Gifts is proud to provide unique baby gifts and baby gift ideas from independent baby boutiques you won’t get in department stores. We have scoured the market to create you unique newborn baby clothing, socks, infant shoes and much more and we are adding new products to the stylish baby boutique.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ever

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ever

Gifts for Baby


You are often given a lot of toy and not as many books. It is never too early to start reading to a baby. As baby starts to grow up you can start to read to them and as they get older they will start to follow the story and then in time read it by themselves.


You can never have to many bibs. First baby is bottle or breast feeding, then teething and following that learning to eat solids and self feed. A bib will be used for many months.

A New Baby Gift Basket

New parents will appreciate not having to run out to the store to get baby wash, more little onesies, or tiny socks when you have given them a new baby gift basket that contains some (or all) of these helpful products. Many of these baskets can serve parents later as extra storage in the nursery.

A Tree

While a sapling might seem a ridiculous gift to some, there are many who’d appreciate it and see the meaning inside it. This unique baby shower gift is appropriate for those who have a lawn mounted on their home. One may gift a sapling which may be planted in the ground, or present the mother-to-be having a ‘grow-a-tree’ gift basket. This eco-friendly gift will grow combined with the baby, and hopefully also nurture within the child a love for nature.

Gifts for Mommy

Gift Basket for Mommy

Although it is customary to carry gifts for that baby to a baby shower, it is a thoughtful gesture if your few people carry presents for that mother-to-be instead. Similar to a gift basket for the baby, you will find gift baskets for the mommy-to-be too. However, knowing the mother well, you could come up with a gift basket yourself, including those beauty products of her liking in addition to her favorite treats. In the end, nothing says ‘I care’ like a personalized gift basket.

A Spa Certificate

A spa certificate is a superb gift for an expectant mother. The best choice is to find a day spa that offers services for pregnant women, just like a pregnancy massage, and buy a gift certificate to that particular spa. This gift is wonderfully suitable for help relax and pamper the mother-to-be.

A great way to come up with a gift idea is to place your self in the shoes of the mommy-to-be and think of what she might want. Alternately, if you are a mommy, you can gift things that were most useful for you when you had your baby.

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