Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Giving a birthday gifts specifically for the mom-to-be is a refreshing way to acknowledge just how special she is, as well as to celebrate the upcoming birth. Whether it’s a small practical birthday gift that tells an expecting mom you’re thinking of her, or something sentimental for the special pregnant woman in your life, there are dozens of great birthda gift ideas from which to choose.

Some of the best birthday giftsfor pregnant women help her together with her symptoms. For example, during pregnancy, awoman’s feet hurt nearly every day. Think about buying her 12 inches massage gift certificate that she can use on the day when her feet particularly hurt a great deal. Speaking of massage, massage and spa gift certificates alllow for great gift ideas for a pregnant woman. Buy her a gift certificate for any prenatal massage and she’s sure to be at liberty.

Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gifts for Pregnant Women

When buying gifts for pregnant woman, you’ll need to know what lengths along she is in her pregnancy. If she’s in first trimester pregnancy, consider buying her books about being pregnancy or perhaps a pregnancy journal. A pregnancy journal is a superb unique gift. It’s a book a woman writes within each trimester of her pregnancy, or every month of her pregnancy so that she will look back and remember the pregnancy or tell her child how she felt and just what she thought about during pregnancy.

Spa and Massage Vouchers

One of the most common things pregnant women complain about are the aches around their body. Be it back aches, leg aches, or neck aches, let her relieve them at a spa and massage by giving her some spa and massage gift vouchers. There are special packages for pregnant women, which are less intense and more appropriate. Let her enjoy herself at a spa and relieve the soreness of her muscles.

Pregnancy Apparel

The changes in a women’s wardrobe during pregnancy, and after pregnancy are nothing short of miraculous. Another great option would be to gift her pregnancy apparel that accommodate the bulge in her belly, and are more comfortable to wear. If you are a male, then let your wife, or someone that has been through pregnancy choose the
clothes, lest you buy something that she cannot wear.

Personalized Gift

You can get a personalized gift done for the parents to be. It can be a frame with their picture on and sweet message which hints at the arrival of the new member in the family. This will have a personal touch and will very thoughtful of you also.


Another lovely birthday gift idea is scented candles. Again, you will have to know her preferences, particularly as pregnant women can be quite sensitive to smells. High-quality candles are a good addition to the home, as they produce a relaxing atmosphere. As she must do what she can to advertise relaxation, this is an ideal gift.

New Born Baby Kit

Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

These days’ there are numerous kits available in the market for new born babies. These kits contain the entire essential and the much required items which are needed for the care and daily use of the baby. These kits are very handy and easy to use.

Satisfy Her Food Cravings

Pregnancy may be the phase when a woman seems like eating almost anything, any time. During pregnancy, a ladies body goes through extreme hormonal changes. These changes possess a strong impact on their taste. Now, these food cravings emerge from nowhere and disappear as soon as they appear. Some women have absolutely weird and abstract food cravings. What exactly you can do is listen to her and know her cravings, and treat her with similar! This will make her super happy! Statistics also reveal that 50% of the women want something sweet to consume. Therefore, a basket of chocolates or sweets is going to be an ideal birthday gift for a pregnant woman!

Assorted Movie DVDs

Nearly all women prefer to be at home, resting experiencing the pregnancy phase. She may be bored sometimes when in your own home. A gift that could cheer her up might be a collection of assorted or rather her favorite movie DVDs, to help keep her occupied and happy! Movie collection may include movies like Father from the Bride, Baby Mama, Knocked Up, Nine Months, Junior, She’s Expecting, Baby Boom, Baby aboard, Cheaper By The Dozen, Adventures in Babysitting, and so forth. Hence, assorted movie DVDs is among the prefect gifts for pregnant women.

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