Homemade 50th Birthday Gifts: Special Celebrations of Life

A well-thought homemade gift is surely a better pick over expensive ready-made gifts to be presented on 50th birthday celebration.

These are some great ideas & inspiration for a 50th birthday gift.50th birthdays are big events for most people, and it can be hard to think of an appropriate birthday gift. Why not give the gift of a few laughs? We all work too hard and take ourselves too seriously most days anyway. It is very common for us to go into a store and buy something for a person whose birthday is approaching. But to mark a special occasion such as a 50th birthday, you can make it super special by gifting a gift which is made at home by you yourself.

Choosing a gift for someone who’s celebrating half a century is no easy task. With that age, most people have acquired the majority of the things they need. Instead of purchasing a gift from a store, use your imagination and knowledge of the person to create a homemade gift. Here are several interesting homemade gift tips for 50th birthday celebrants:

Homemade 50th Birthday Gifts

Homemade 50th Birthday Gifts

Take a Trip

Spa vacations are popular for the 50+ set, either with a bunch of girlfriends, a sister (or sisters), just the girls in your family (including teens and young adults), or if your hubby doesn’t mind spending more time out at the golf course, the whole bunch of you. Don’t have the time? A spa day is just as nice. Another option of course is the full-blown go with the family (or a bunch of girlfriends) trip Someplace Special like California’s Wine Country or Shopping and a Show in New York City, or trekking to Paris or Italy for a long weekend just because well, you’re 50.

Fun-Filled Items

Now here are some funny items which you can make and gift towards the celebrant. A comical scrapbook or perhaps a diary which consists of funny quotes and messages make up the near and dear ones from the celebrant can not only be a funny but additionally a very special gift for that celebrant. You can also make an audio CD or better, if you’re able to record videos, edit them making a video CD of messages and wishes for the celebrant. A funny greeting card produced by yourself is a nice add-on to this gift.

Handmade Guest Book

Now this is one of the inexpensive birthday gifts which you can consider preparing. Purchase a nice diary or book made from colored handmade paper. Wrap the coverage page and back from the book in a nice light colored textured paper. Now jazz up using the small gift wrapping accessories obtainable in gift or hobby stores. Purchase a hard and thick decorative sticker of number ’50′ and place it on the center of this cover. Write ‘guest book’ at the end in stylish font. Give a birthday message on topmost part and also mention the date. Keep this guest book at the entrance and allow the guests write in their messages for that celebrant. You can wrap it having a nice golden metallic ribbon at the end of the function and present it towards the celebrant.

Handmade Guest Book

Handmade Guest Book

Painted Gifts

There are a number of ideas which you’ll implement while making hand painted gifts for birthday. The first idea is painting a pleasant round neck t-shirt using sober colors. Well, wondering what all you can actually paint? A funny quote or a cartoon of the celebrant is what makes among the extremely funny gifts. A well known idea is to have a rugged bodybuilder with male celebrant’s face or perhaps a stunning model with female celebrant’s face painted around the t-shirt. You can also buy a nice sleeping pillow and paint its case in beautiful designs full of soft shades. Lovely hand painted bedding set can be a good gift to become presented to a female celebrant. With plenty of iron-ons available in the market, you can rightly jazz up your hand-painted gift.

Food Ideas

If the 50 year old is interested in food, a homemade box with 50 cookies or sweets is a great gift idea. Make some simple cookies or no-cook sweets, for example peppermint creams, that you know the birthday person will love. Present the gift in an original way. For example, get a suitable box and cover it with wrapping paper having a beautiful design or some brown paper having a hand-drawn greeting on top. Alternatively, draw a large “50” and have family members write messages around the box. A homemade cake would be also a welcome gift.

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