Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Sometimes finding individual Christmas gifts for every one of your friends and family members can be a daunting task.

If you’ve got couples on your Christmas list, finding great gifts can be doubly difficult. Two connected people with two separate sets of interests, hobbies and ideas might seem daunting, but, like Santa, we’ve scoured the globe, sourced some fun and funky presents and developed a righteous list of gift ideas.

Christmas gift that reflects your ex and care is always appreciated. Thus, buying Christmas giftsrequire immense planning and time. Sometimes finding individual Christmas gifts for each one of your friends and family members can be a daunting task. Consolidate your shopping by giving one gift to each of the couples in your life. There are a variety of affordable options that both recipients will enjoy. Be sure to give something the pair would be able delight in together.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples


Christmas Gift Ideas for Couple

Romantic Christmas Basket

Find a decorative basket and create a mixed CD of romantic Christmas songs to place in the basket. Add in a couple of festively scented candles, a bottle of their favorite wine, and some Christmas goodies, and you have created a sweet, romantic Christmas basket that will be great for Christmas night.

Massage Book

Starting with a simple setting that can easily be accomplished with few special preparations, your favorite couple can learn step-by-step, how to make a deep and
meaningful connection with their partner, both mentally and physically. Using a combination of strokes from the most time-honored massage traditions, they will learn where their partner holds stress and tension and become proficient at easing it away. Make sure to include massage oil to reduce friction and decrease muscle fatigue for the masseuse.

Christmas Hamper

They say opposites attract and when this happens deciding on a Coupley Christmas Gift can be a nightmare. But never fear, for Cuckooland is here with a the silent night Luxury Christmas Hamper. This gastronomically glorious Xmas Hamper has a little something for every couple. The Silent Night Luxury Christmas Hamper includes both white and red wine, savoury and sweet treats and a whole host of goodies perfect for couples. Personalized Coffee Mugs.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Personalized coffee mugs

One cute and inexpensive Christmas gift for couples are personalized coffee mugs. You can get his and hers set, or find coffee mugs that are personalized with the couple’s names. For a special touch, fill the coffee mugs with individual packs of hot chocolate or specialized coffees.


Cheap Christmas gifts may also come in the form of books, especially if you find a discount book store. Web site to check for books include,, and You are able to usually find books for prices lower than you would at a Boarders or Barnes & Coffee Table books about art or history are a nice choice. Ways for improving the home, like Fueng Shui or decorating ideas might be appreciated if the couple in interested in that. A book about suggestions regarding how to keep their romantic life fresh and exciting could be a fun addition to any book collection.

Movie tickets

These are a great gift for couples because they can go out for the evening together and revel in a good movie. With everyone tightening their belts these days, couples are not going out just as much to movies and dinners as they were before. They may not pay to go to the movies themselves however they will greatly appreciate you spending money on the tickets and maybe some snacks too! You can buy gift certificates at just about any theater (some even online) that covers the admission and also the concession stand.

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