Outdoor Christmas Lights & decoration Ideas

Christmas Lights decoration can be very outrageous with lots of bright and colourful lights with stark contrast to the cold and colourless atmosphere.

The best outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, from simple candle clusters to festoons of twinkling fairy lights. Christmas is the party season, so what better way to decorate your (hopefully) snowy garden, patio or courtyard with a spattering of glittery lights. Whether you want to set the scene for an inimate atmosphere, light the way for your guests, or simply to create a starry silhouette to twinkle in the nights skies, we have all your lighting needs sorted.

Christmas is always a magical time of unequaled joy, and Christmas decorating is a sure activity in all homes. When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating, the very first thing that we can do is creating a nice light display. The colorful, sparkling and twinkling lights on the walls and edges of a house makes it look like a palace. In this article we present you the best 46 outdoor christmas lighting ideas.

outdoor christmas lights decorations

outdoor christmas lights decorations

Outdoor Christmas lights add a touch of holiday magic to the landscape in and around your house. During Christmas people prefer unique outdoor decor that will help light up the holiday home and their festive spirit. Nowadays, decorating for Christmas has becomes a norm and you will get all kinds of Christmas lights, lawn and rooftop ornaments, and all sorts of other outdoor Christmas decorations in the market and online stores.

Christmas lights choices are genuinely endless. Now you can get numerous lights and lamps according to your budget and choice to decorate the indoor and outdoor of your house. You can wrap multi-coloured string lights about your veranda, porch, patio, eaves or roof. Solar Christmas Lights also look excellent on your fence, columns and posts about your house to support ring in the festive season. Attempt an outdoor Christmas tree or any tree and try to find a sunny spot for the solar panel. Rope lights also look great on the edges of the roof or balcony.

We can list some of the Christmas Lights Ideas for Outdoors as following:

Luminaries: For the festive occasion of Christmas, people love to line up the drive and walkways with luminaries. These can be made by hand cutting shapes such as snowflakes, stars, snowmen, as well as commercial luminaries are also lovely. 

Rope lights: these are very good options for bordering your house, fence or balcony. It gives a neat and detail look to the whole lighting.

Nativity Scene: When decorating the front lawn or entryway, you can create a nativity scene and highlight the scene with understated lightings.

Themed Christmas Decorations:  You can choose a theme and decorate the outdoor with proper lighting. Some ideas for themes

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights

include: candy canes, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, angels, candles, bells, reindeer, and of course Santa Clause and his sleigh. When decorated with colourful lights, they can change the entire surrounding completely.

Candle lanterns: You can keep an all candle decoration and lit up the entire pathway till the entrance of the house with candle lanterns or do the same along the sidewalk.

Outdoor Christmas tree: You can actually decorate an outdoor Christmas tree which will give a complete festive look to your house. Electric lights are a great choice for outdoor Christmas tree decorating, because electric lights are durable, and they add colour and brightness to the pale winter landscape.

An outdoor fireplace: An outdoor fireplace creates a romantic atmosphere for your patio, deck or pool.

Inflatable Santa and Snowmen: If you have kids in your house you can make it really exciting for them by placing inflatable Santa and Snowmen in your yard and decorating them with colourful candy canes.

White Lighting: If you have modest tastes you can keep it simple with white lights lining the porch, fence or balcony.

Christmas Lights decoration can be very outrageous with lots of bright and colourful lights with stark contrast to the cold and colourless atmosphere. It can also be subdued with white and yellow lights or candle lanterns.  You should keep in mind is that it should symbolize the right festive spirit. Another important thing is to consider the style of your house whether it is a ranch, Tudor, Victorian, Basic tract box or Multi-storied. You must use lights and/or other ornamentation that will complement your own home.

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